Strategic Planning Intake Assessment

During our full-day planning meeting on July 15th we will discuss the overall strategic objectives, desired financial structure in the medium and long term, and the necessary project milestones to reach these goals. In order to ensure that we can best leverage our time together, we are collecting information from each of you that will serve as the basis for our conversation. Please feel free to review the draft agenda for our meeting here.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please complete your contribution no later than Wednesday, July 12th.

Product Summary & Objectives

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Summary of the Product Offering
Why does it exist? Who is served? How will it help these individuals?
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Who has this problem (listed above) that the product solves
The Objective
There are a variety of options for how FINDconnect grows. Your team could choose to keep it as a project owned by the non-profit hospital, or you could have the assets transferred to a new entity that owns the product (a for profit business or a nonprofit with its governing structure and finances).

Product Development Documentation

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Internal Capabilities Assessment

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