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San Francisco, CA

@ HERE Collective

930 Alabama Street

San Francisco , CA 94110


Washington, DC

@ Red Balloon Ideas HQ

1775 I Street NW, Suite 1150

Washington, DC, 20005

Hours: 9am – 5pm ET.  Phone: 202-587-5783

Red Balloon Ideas is an innovation and Human-Centered Design firm that is committed to social change.

Let's do more together.

We encourage sustainable impact through well developed strategy.

We help clients deepen their understanding of the social change sector and develop comprehensive strategies that create lasting impact.

We increase success through community-driven design and stakeholder engagement.

By ensuring that the solutions created are in direct response to a real need, we help clients design human-centered products and programs that are based on community driven development.

We improve outcomes through Behavior Change Communication and design.

We help our clients develop strategies that focus on shifting behavior, not just perspectives, with the objective of creating new social norms. It’s about action.

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