Red Balloon Ideas is an innovation firm that supports social impact work through ethnographic research, human-centered design, product innovation and strategy consulting.

We leverage international development best practices, behavior change communication, user experience research, and human-centered design to help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients are global organizations, individual influencers, and corporations that want to make a difference. We work with problem solvers in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States to address issues of poverty and injustice.


Human-Centered Design

All products and services should start with understanding the real needs and realities of the person you aim to serve. We utilize the Design Thinking methodology developed by IDEO to unlock unique insights and help create solutions that integrate with people’s lives.


Leveraging Ethnographic Research to Understand Behavior

From the global marketplace to the local village, daily choices drive the behavior that shapes societies. Whether the decision is for a mother to send her daughter to school, or a family to invest its hard earned income to build a latrine, understanding why individuals make the choices they do is critical to influencing social change. We seek to determine why individuals make particular decisions and use this information to increase the success of initiatives.