Human-Centered Design For Social Impact.


Human-Centered Innovation


Red Balloon Ideas is an innovation firm that supports social impact work through ethnographic research, human-centered design, product innovation and strategy consulting.

We leverage international development best practices, behavior change communication, user experience research, and human-centered design to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our clients are global organizations, individual influencers, and corporations that want to make a difference domestically or in emerging markets. We work with problem solvers in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States to address issues of poverty and injustice through improved product and services.






Client Story

Goal: Decrease Child Mortality in Southern Kenya through improved hygiene and health practices.

Starting Strategy:  Have healthcare works sell cement latrine slabs during household visiting. Initial design of latrine slab was based on feasibility (what can we make easily) not usability (how do people use a latrine?).

Challenge:  Low product adoptions and limited visible interest in changing behavior to use a latrine.

Our Work:  We trained local staff on product research, human-centered design, and standardization of manufacturing; Redesigned the product offering based on user feedback; Developed a campaign that targets men who make home-improvement decisions.

Results: Our Client sold 4X as many sales in the first week of the campaign than in the previous year.