Social impact strategy


Engaging the UnderBanked

Client: Credit Builders Alliance


How do you reach and engage the underbanked, improving their access to mainstream financial services, including access to lines of credit. 

Our Work

We worked with the Executive Director to prepare an action plan for their upcoming fiscal year, that took into consideration their resources, growth projections, and goals.


Preventing Trafficking & Sex slavery during the Fifa World cup

Client: International Justice Mission + Love Light and Melody


How can an arts-based organization and the world's leading anti-human trafficking organization collaborate on a public information campaign that will reduce instances of trafficking and sex slavery during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 

Our Work

We were hired to conduct a 2-month feasibility study in South Africa, where we identified potential partners – from local anti-trafficking organization and shelters, to venues for large-scale concerts and hotels – and presented a set of recommendations about how to proceed with an engagement.


Social Transformation in SAipan

Client: The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact; Private investor


The Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean, struggle with high unemployment (14%), low high-school graduation rates, and widespread public health issues. What type of investment would address underline poverty and social issues?


Met with government officials, surveyed local businesses, and compiled data about import/export opportunities. Analyzing the assets, challenges and opportunities in a nation with a view to launching investment, business and social sector initiatives to positively impact the island community of Saipan.