Strategic Planning Meeting

Welcome & Kickoff [9am-10am]

  • Attendee Introductions and Review of the Day’s Activities

  • The Vision: Brief introduction from Dr. Dayna Long

  • Review of Information Collected from the Team

The “What”: Defining the Product Offering [10am - 11:30am]

  • The Need: What need(s) is FINDconnect addressing?

  • How the product addresses this need?

  • For whom?

  • Primary features and functions of the product offering

  • Technical requirements to ensure that the tool is stable, secure, and scalable

Positioning [11:30-Noon]

  • What is unique about FINDconnect, and what will it bring to the ecosystem that other services and software do not?

  • How will potential audiences view FINDconnect as it considers which tools and resources to use?

  • What other softwares exist in this space, that other community clinics might consider using alongside or instead of FINDconnect’s offering?  

An Introduction to Product Design & Development [12pm-12:30pm]

  • Best Practices

  • The Delta: The Vision & The Roadmap

  • Cyclical Nature of Software Design, Development and Upkeep


[Lunch] 12:30 - 1:30pm


High-level 2-Year Roadmap for FINDconnect (1:30-3:00pm)

Product Requirements

  • User-facing features

  • Infrastructure and Integration Requirements [Engines and data driven systems]

  • Phases

  • Timeline

  • Roll-out Strategy

  • Sales / Outreach Efforts

Team / Human Resources (3:00-3:30)

  • What roles will be necessary to reach the stated objectives?

  • Who may need to be involved at the various stages of the process, in order to ensure that FINDconnect can scale to whatever level is desired by the group?

  • What does this mean for hiring, budget, and other longer-term planning?

Financial Structure (3:30 – 4:30pm)

  • What is the medium-term and long-term financial structure of FINDconnect?

  • How might the funding change over time?

  • What would precipitate these changes?

Agreements & Next Steps (4:30pm–5pm)

5pm. Meeting Complete.



Time: 9am - 5pm


Children's Hospital Oakland, Research Institute

CHORI Boardroom

5700 M.L.K. Jr Way,
Oakland, CA 94609