Product Innovation

We focus on the needs and aspirations of the customer, and this relentless concentration on the human experience results in products and services that create new forms of value for our clients.

Because successful products meet a real human need.

We work alongside your team to envision something that uniquely combines your greatest assets and their greatest need for the highest product adoption possible.

Experience Design

We partner with our clients to design products, processes, services, events, omnichannel journeys, and environments, ensuring quality user experience and culturally relevant solutions.

Great customer experience is both a necessity and an advantage as competition for customers intensifies. The key is to understand that engaging customers in experiences they find value in. Innovation, brand, and customer experience all support this goal, but they aren’t the end-goals in and of themselves. We help clients develop an Experience Design strategy and roadmap, bringing the entire offering into focus under the umbrella of what end users value. 

Ethnographic Research

Red Balloon Ideas is constantly evolves research methodologies and toolkits to better understand people’s needs and behaviors, and to uncover hidden opportunities.

We use a variety of data analysis and research tools to understand existing interactions with customers across touch-points, and conduct in-person research with your target audience. Taking into account the cultural and environmental realities of your target audience, we help your organization better understand the people you want to engage, and how to communicate and design offerings for them.

We conduct product testing, providing you with an external perspective on your offering.

Strategy Consulting

We use a wide range of strategic tools and methods to help organizations take advantage of untapped opportunities in the market, including research, stakeholder audit, ideation, market strategy, scenario development, forecasting, technology planning, opportunity prioritization, and business modeling.

We start with a bigger question: How should people experience a product or brand, and what impact it can have in their lives? What can your company do differently?

We help businesses conceptualize, build, and grow new experiences that have the potential to fundamentally change markets.


An empathetic, ground-up approach to identifying needs and tackling opportunities, Human-Centered Design is a process used to develop new products or services, or modify existing ones.

We train your product and service delivery teams to learn directly from end-users, and provide a framework to move from idea to learning to implementation. The Design Thinking framework serves to unlocks previously unseen creative possibilities, and then helps your team zero in on what’s most desirable, feasible, and viable – an important step in the product development cycle.

Social Impact Advising

Over the last decade, Red Balloon Ideas has advised government officials, individual philanthropists, and other influencers on how to best align their passions and resources behind a social impact objective.

If you are considering supporting or launching a new initiative, we are committed to helping you deepen your understanding of the social change sector and develop comprehensive strategies that create lasting change.

Behavior Change Communication strategy

Whether you're a company that is designing a new product for an emerging market, or a nonprofit trying to improve the success of a public health campaign, your success relies on buy-in from the target audience.

We conduct community assessments, using ethnographic research to incorporate analysis of the psychological, social, and environmental factors that influence people, and then help our clients develop effective strategies – from product design to partnerships and messaging. This often includes community-driven design and stakeholder engagement sessions to ensure that the solutions created are a response to a real need.